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The Idea

Farmer Voices is a work-in-progress website aimed to share the voices of farmers with the public. Over the past half-century, as Americans have become more and more distanced from the food that they eat, a crucial relationship between producer and consumer has been broken. Farmer Voices hopes to be just one step in helping to rebuild that connection.

In the long-term, we hope that Farmer Voices will eventually be a site that provides resources to farmers looking to share their own stories . We look to examples like the documentary projects of the Southern Foodways Alliance {Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi} as inspiration for ways to create a dynamic project Web site that is not only a repository for archived oral histories and interviews, but also a space to showcase the creative use of these materials in audio slideshows, podcasts, and other materials that will enrich public interpretation of farmers and their farms.

The Storyteller

ErinFarmer Voices is the project of Erin Boyle, a first-year master’s student in the program for Public Humanities at Brown University. In this interdisciplinary program, Erin is looking at the possibilities of preservation to give rural landscapes, traditions and lifeways the space they need to remain sustainable. Erin has always been fascinated in the stories that people tell about themselves, and she sees Farmer Voices as a place where all of these interests come together. Email Erin at eeboyle (at) gmail (dot) com.