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Helpful Resources

A note from Erin
The four stories on this site represent my own pilot attempts at creating audio slideshows. With each visit to a farm, I learned the elements that I would need to create slideshows that were both interesting to listen to and visually appealing. The task was more difficult than I imagined. To read more about my personal process, go here for a few words of warning and some helpful hints.

Audio Slide Show Resources

Mastering Multimedia
how to make your audio slide show better

quick tips for creating audio slide shows

Radio Diaries
a great list of internet resources for creating pieces for radio
really helpful for thinking about audio slide shows, too!

The LA Times: – Stories from the Sidewalk

The New York Times: One in 8 Million

Cape and Islands: Audio Slide shows

Oral History Resources

Southern Oral History Program Practical Guide
a guide to to conducting oral history projects

Oral History Association

Columbia University Oral History Research Office
guide to oral history resources on the internet

Equipment and Software Suggestions

Erin’s Equipment Suggestions
informal suggestions for equipment and editing software, based solely on erin’s personal experience.